Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award. Yay Me!

It’s always nice to receive an award or nomination for my blog. Even though I’ve been slacking of late *ahem*, it’s still a nice feeling. And so, I will accept the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award with much gratitude.

Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award Cover

The lovely, lovely G from Travel with G and super amazing Maria from The Tropical Dog were the kind blogger-souls who nominated me.

I’ve known G for a while now through her amazing blog and photos, but I love her more for the kind soul that she is. As for Maria, she connected with me through my social media accounts and even wrote me a lovely email to inform me of my nomination. Awww, ladies. Thank you very much. You are just too sweet! *hugs*

This award is quite special as it is a show of support for fellow female bloggers from around the world. It’s a great way to acknowledge their work and get to know them a bit better too.

Before I get to answering all the questions, let me explain a few rules that come with this award. And yes, you can break them if you want to (it’s not a competition, after all!)

Rule #1: Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and include a link to their blog (Check and check)
Rule #2: Answer all 10 questions by them (Check – see below)
Rule #3: Nominate 10 other female bloggers for the award (This is where I break the rules)
Rule #4: Put forth 10 questions to the nominees (Aaanndd it’s right at the bottom)

Here are the 10 questions and my answers.

1. Your first trip away from home was… where?

Bali, Indonesia. It was a tour and I immediately came to a realisation that tours are not for me!

Rice fields in UbudLuckily, the tour didn’t put me off Bali and I’ve returned to this wonderful island every chance I get.

2. All my nominees are travelers… So I know you must have experienced down time – that is, dead time waiting for the next plane/bus/train/ferry/donkey? How do you entertain yourself while waiting to get to your next destination? (Other than sleeping)

Oooh, not my favourite down time! But, experience it we must. I’ve hung out for hours at cafes in order to eat, drink and to get me some free wifi, struck up conversations with fellow dead time waiters (heh!) wondering if we’re all getting on the right bus/train/ferry, read books or gossip magazines (don’t judge me) or plain ol’ people watch.

3. Do you take spontaneous trips or are you more of a planner?

I’m generally more of a planner. My recent trip (from Peru to England) was a bit different though. I decided to be a little bit more spontaneous and not plan all that much. Sometimes it’s worked out for me and sometimes it hasn’t.

I’m glad I gave that a go as I now know that planning is the right way to go for me.

SouthAfrica_capetown4Planning was key for my trip to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. I may have ended up staying on train platforms if I hadn’t!

4. Have you ever met someone while traveling with whom you still keep in touch with today?

Yes, I have. Thanks to Facebook, Whatsapp and email, I’ve been able to keep in touch with some amazing travellers and can now count them as good friends.

5. Do you have a packing routine? What are some of the things you must have while traveling away from home?

I usually make a packing list and a “to buy for the trip” list, and proceed from there. I’ve come to love my little packing cubes which makes things so much easier to organise.

I must always, always have my empty water bottle (great at filling up in airports and flights), camera, phone, emergency cash, credit card, bank cards, wet wipes, umbrella and room slippers (essential when you’re walking on cold floors).

6. Have you ever gone to a place that was “highly recommended” and you thought, “Why am I even here?” ~ Where was this? Why did you not like it?

Hhhmmm. That’s a tough one. But if I have to choose, I would say Valencia. The food and people were amazing, but there were some parts of the city that I couldn’t understand. Some buildings were absolutely pretty, while some looked like they were right out of an old Communist-themed war movie.

I think I may need to give this city another chance though. In fairness, perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough. And if it doesn’t work for me still, I’ll just down more Agua de Valencia to comfort myself 😉

20131101-181117.jpgThe delicious Agua de Valencia – a cure for all travel blues!

 7. We all know that traveling can take you out of your comfort zone. Can you tell us about an experience where you overcame a fear/anxiety/discomfort?

Singapore isn’t exactly a country that would put the fear in you (it’s really safe!), but attending a rock concert there some years ago all on my own was something new to me. It may not seem that big of a deal, but it was at the time, especially to an introvert like me.

I’m glad to have done it as it has given me the confidence to do more things on my own, to enjoy my own company on my travels.

8. Are there any books – even movies – that have influenced you to travel to a specific place?

Jason Webster’s “Andalus” tells of a man’s journey through the Andalucian region of Spain and its indisputable Moorish influences. It’s a stunning read full of history, a coming together of cultures, unlikely friendships and a story of hope.

When I finally went to the Seville and Granada that was described to perfection in the book, I marvelled at my surroundings even more.

9. Do you prefer to travel solo or with someone else?

I enjoy both. That being said, I’ve come to enjoy travelling solo more now that I’ve spent a few months on my own. It was liberating and oh-so-fun!

10. Right now – what are your 5 top places (or experiences) you want to see/do?

Only 5? Haha. Well, here are my top places to see:

1. Scotland
2. Ireland
3. Iceland
4. Greece
5. New Zealand

Right. That’s all nice and fun. It’s time to pay it forward and nominate some wonderful female bloggers. Here’s where I break the rules – I’m only nominating four women. These ladies have been inspiring to me in many ways and are super adventurous, not forgetting super fun as well.

My Lovely Nominees

~ Pamela Loh (
~ Deborah Chan (
~ Yun Qing (
~ Amy McPherson (

Ladies, no pressure if you can’t participate. It’s all in good fun anyway 😉

So, what are the 10 questions for my special nominees?

1. If you had were given an all-expense paid trip to one country, where would it be and why?
2. What was the last place you were daydreaming about?
3. Hotels vs. Homestays. Which would you choose and why?
4. Do you take guidebooks with you on your trips? Or would you rather wing it and see what happens?
5. What was the most delicious food you’ve had on your travels?
6. Lots of travellers rely on music to get through their long journeys. What are some of the music that’s on your travel playlist?
7. What would your advice be to a solo female traveller who wants to venture out at night? Is this question even necessary in this day and age?
8. Where did you travel to on your first solo trip?
9. What are the sort of souvenirs you buy for your loved ones back home?
10. Describe your perfect travel buddy.

Thanks again to G and Maria. I’ve really enjoyed answering these questions. Looking forward to more travelling adventures for us all.

Onwards and upwards 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award. Yay Me!

  1. Thank you for your kinds words Kavitha! It’s great to learn more about you through these questions! If you go to Greece, let me know, I’m Greek and could give you some advise 🙂
    Keep it up and safe travels!


    1. Thanks, Maria. It’s been great connecting with you. Greece is on my list! And if you ever come to Malaysia or South-East Asia, I’d be more than happy to help as well. Happy travels 😉


  2. Hi, lovely Kavitha. I cannot believe I’m just responding now. Shame on me. So many things have happened lately, between travel and soul-searching (which caused me to disconnect from all social media forms). But, alas, I’m back and becoming stronger.

    In any case, I wanted to tell you I LOVED THIS!! Girl, we have a LOT in common – from packing cubes, the “buy for the trip” list, to not liking “down-time” but making the best out of it.

    I picked a couple of tips here… I must read “Andalus” and definitely drink some “Agua de Valencia”!! Does it have alcohol in it?? 🙂

    I’m sending you a little email with an idea for a simple collaboration project… No pressure.

    XOXO always,


    1. Hi G, so glad to have you back. Sometimes, we need to take some time out for ourselves, even if that means disconnecting with the world – no shame in that. It’s all a natural process. I’m so happy you took your time *hugs*

      Aww, thanks so much. So glad you nominated me and allowed me to share this with the world. And yes, Agua de Valencia has loads of alcohol in it – OH SO GOOD! :p

      Any collaboration project with you would be most welcome. Looking forward to your email 😉


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