Instagram Series: The Magic of Peru

When I agreed to join Noel and Stephen for their tour to Peru, I didn’t know what I was thinking. Seriously. I didn’t.

I’ve always dreamt of going to Peru and just went along without much thought about it. I assumed I would be ready for Peru. Well, it turned out that I wasn’t.

There were days that I thought I had gotten the hang of things, and then there were days when I was questioning my reasons/sanity for being there.

It was bitterly cold at times, bringing about feelings of bleakness and weariness; strange feelings that I’ve never known in all my travels. It would be too easy to blame altitude sickness and migraines or the winter winds for my misery.

I was sick of feeling this way. Peru didn’t deserve this gloomy energy from me.

So, everyday I decided to focus on the most important fact – I AM IN FREAKING PERU! That and a wonderful bunch of friends made my days so much better and all the more memorable.

Thankfully, Peru was ready for me (and thousands of other travellers) and I ended up having one of the most interesting and eye-opening trips; I saw the smiles of the Peruvian men and women and the love for their babies, petted some oh-so-cute lambs and llamas, tasted the fantastic local cuisine, went cocoa crazy and stood in awe of ancient lands and temples.

Instead of boring everyone with (more) fancy adjectives describing Peru in a myriad of ways, let me just take you through my take on this extraordinary country, Instagram-style.


Miraflores has some wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean. I could look at this all day!

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Hanging out around Plaza Mayor. Lima is full of colour and life. Love love love!

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¡Hola Cusco!

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Grounding myself in Sacsayhuaman – one of the most impressive Inca ruins in Cusco.

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Peru, you are just all kinds of beautiful.

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¡Hola, Machu Picchu!

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I need to take some "how to pose" lessons from this llama. Too. Good.

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Fiesta time in Cusco. The lovely people here are always up for a party. Love it!

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Arequipa, you are my kind of town.

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I was on my way to Colca Canyon when I got sidetracked by these friendly locals. Can you really blame me?

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Adios, Paracas. You were the hot weather I so wish I had in Cusco. Now, what do I do with all my sweaters?

A photo posted by Kavitha (@redbohemia) on

And so my time in Lima comes to an end. Thank you for the memories, Peru. You will be missed. Hasta luego!

A photo posted by Kavitha (@redbohemia) on

After spending close to a month there, Peru has taught me so much about its history, culture and its way of life. There were times when I thought I couldn’t stand the cold, altitude, hostel dorms and numerous bus rides. But I got through it all in one piece and I learnt how to push through all the discomforts.

After all, what I got in return was far more rewarding and enriching. I discovered Peru; I discovered a culture that is rich, fascinating and magical in more ways than one.

Muchos gracias, Peru. Hasta luego.


Note: If you’re not a fan of tours in general and would prefer something more personable and fun, get in touch with Noel Lau and Stephen Bugno for future tours. Not only do they have a wealth of knowledge on travelling, they are a great bunch to hang out with, as well.


11 thoughts on “Instagram Series: The Magic of Peru

  1. I love the pics, Kavitha! I remember looking for them (creepily following you) on IG. And you know, traveling to Peru definitely takes you out of your comfort zone. Also, I think the way things are set up, it’s difficult to get around. However, I’m happy that you learned so much about yourself & got to appreciate the country & the people. A month is a long time to be in Peru. I remember spending almost 3 months there last year, and while it was amazing (and it is my country), I was happy to go home! Lol. Looking forward to some of your write ups… When you have time 😉 xx G.


    1. Thanks so much, G. Peru was so beautiful that it really is tough to get a bad shot! I hope to return to Peru and the rest of South America some day. I’m sure there’s loads more to see and to learn from.


  2. Love this Kavitha! I love how you are so honest about your Peru trip and it seems like it’s a great place to explore. I enjoyed your updates on that trip, hope I can make it to that wonderful country too 🙂


  3. I’m just smiling so big after reading this. It was such a wonderful happenstance to cross paths and I love seeing/reading about your adventures. You’re such a beautiful soul. Keep on!


    1. Awww, thanks so much, Ericka. I’m so glad we met. Hope to see you some day in my neck of the woods. Or who knows? Maybe visiting you in the States. Take care, my love xx


      1. You are welcome to the States with me any time! And when I make it to your neck of the woods, I’ll definitely let you know! xo


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