Romania: Beyond Stereotypes and Dracula

Ahhh, Romania. I have always envisioned this country as a magical land, filled with legends, castles and cobbled-stoned streets and Dracula waiting to pounce on his unsuspecting victim in an alleyway behind a raucous bar.

Ok, that may be a tad dramatic. And unrealistic.

Luckily for us all, Vlad from the wonderfully-titled travel blog, Eff It, I’m On Holiday is here to set us (and I mean, me) straight on what’s truly wonderful about his homeland, Romania.

Warning: The words and images below may make you purchase a flight ticket out there ASAP.

When people think of Europe, they say Paris, London or Rome. Even if they want less touristy places, they’d go to Budapest, Lisbon or Prague.

What people don’t know is that in the east of Europe, there is a country where they could have it all: breathtaking landscapes, charming cities, picturesque villages, mountain hikes or sea swims. All this comes with mouthwatering food and the promise of not breaking the bank.

Night time view of the cityWelcome to Romania!

This is Romania, the country I was born and live in so I would like to tell you why you should add it on your travel wish lists.

1. You can find stunning landscapes

From the top of the Carpathian Mountains to the bottom of the Black Sea, you’ll find everything in between in Romania. Home to more than 2300 lakes, over 900 caves, a delta with 274 different species of birds, countless waterfalls and rivers that have created spectacular landforms throughout the country.

Romania's beautiful sceneryThe diverse and stunning landscapes of Romania

My advice would be to do a road trip, you’ll be able to discover a lot of gorgeous places. Just be careful not to stop every 5 minutes to take pictures. 😉

2. You can eat delicious food

Your taste buds will thank you if you choose to visit Romania.

Delicious Romanian foodMouth-watering Romanian delights *drool*

With influences from a lot of different cultures, the recipes have been well kept and passed from one generation to another, to create delicious dishes that will make you ask for seconds (or thirds!).

You can try a traditional sour soup (ciorbă), stuffed cabbage rolls with polenta (sărmăluţe) and donuts made from sweet cheese, served with sour cream and jam (papanaşi). You won’t regret it!

3. You can visit picture perfect towns

The well-preserved medieval towns in Transylvania (such as Sibiu, Sighisoara or Cluj) are my favorite part of the country. Walking on the charming streets with a rich history, admiring the beautiful buildings, stopping at cozy cafes, you could easily spend days not getting tired of the views.

Stunning Romanian buildingsI don’t think anyone could get tired of seeing these wonderful buildings

This is why I go back every year to the lovely city of Sibiu and find something new to do each time.

4. You can save a lot of money

Lonely Planet has named Romania one of the value destinations for 2015 and for a good reason. With the money you’d spend for a week in Paris, you could easily spend a whole month in Romania.

You can find accommodation starting from €9 per night, eat out with less than €15 and see all the main attractions with some change left in your pocket.

5. You can visit any time of the year

Thanks to Mother Nature, Romania is blessed to have all the different types of landforms, which makes it fun all year around.

During summer, you can go to the Black Sea or hike in the mountains and during winter you could go skiing or skating, though you should pack an extra sweater or two. Nothing beats a nice ice cream on a hot summer day or a hot cup of mulled wine during the Christmas season.

Regardless on when you decide to visit or what you want to do, Romania is anxiously waiting for your visit. What are you waiting for? 🙂

To connect with Vlad on all things Romania (and beyond), hop on over to his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


7 thoughts on “Romania: Beyond Stereotypes and Dracula

  1. I’m so happy I read this post by Vlad! Hmmm… and I do feel like buying a ticket ASAP! Honestly, I don’t understand why I haven’t been to Romania yet. It looks spectacular – delicious food, amazing scenery, history, and culture. I really like the idea of a road trip, too.

    Thanks for sharing it, Kavitha!!



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