Fly Me Away To Morocco

I’ve been missing Morocco a lot lately.

My short 2-week visit to this stunning country back in 2011 was nothing short of incredible. At the end of it all, I wanted more. There was so much of this place that I wanted to see, experience, taste and breathe in.

Vimeo screen grab of MoroccoMagical, magical Essaouira (Image: A screen grab from the video)

The Morocco I saw was an assault on all my senses. And I didn’t want it to stop.

So, when I came across this wonderfully-made video by the highly-talented Vincent Urban and his team, I almost teared up. All those feelings of love and wonderment came flooding back.

There will be many detractors when it comes to Morocco. Sure, there will be the good and the bad, as in every other country. But I always believe that it’s up to us as travellers to find the magic in the places we visit; to see beyond the words and opinions of others.

Morocco is one such place where magic abounds. It is nothing short of intoxicating. And I cannot wait to return someday.


4 thoughts on “Fly Me Away To Morocco

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco, can’t make up my mind what I want to see the most: Marrakesh, Essaouira, Cassablanca, Rabat….. 😀 Also, wow, 2 weeks! I’ll consider myself lucky if I can visit for just a week, haha.


    1. I missed Rabat and a number of other places. There’s so much to see that 2 weeks was definitely not enough. If you have a week, my advise would be to start with Marrakesh first. So much to see and take in there.

      Oh, and I want to go back!! 😦


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