Instagram Series: 12 Months Of Travel Treasures


You know the year is winding down when shopping malls get decked out in beautiful (and often times, CRAZY) Christmas decorations, people start sorting out their travel plans, Starbucks unleashes the decadent Toffee Nut Latte and a general sense of laziness fills us all when we are in the office.

Ok, that last one is just me.

And so, with aforementioned latte in hand, I sat down to think about the year 2014 – how it’s been for me travel-wise, as well as the non-travel months where I spent my time reading brilliant travel blogs.

The year before may have taken me to more places, but I am glad I had this chance to pace things this year. There were quite a number of places I wish I had the time to travel to (everywhere in South East Asia, that is) and there were those that made me glad I did, eventually, discover them (Hey Maldives and Sabah!).

JANUARY : A special return to Ho Chi Minh City for New Year celebrations. I love this city!


FEBRUARY : A contemplative cup of coffee always keeps my travel dreams alive.

Yes, please! #travel #coffee #quote #love

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MARCH : Ah-ma-zing! What more can I say about Maldives? It truly is paradise on earth.

Good morning, Maldives! #travel #maldives #hulhumale #beach #sun #sand #sky #love #wanderlust

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APRIL : Malaysia isn’t just about islands, shopping and food. We have some great tattoo artists too.

Tattoo Time: The calm before the storm #tattoo #parlour #malaysia #kualalumpur #bangsar #love #noregrets

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MAY : My first try at changing things up with my blog. Responsive design, you are here to stay.


JUNE : The World Cup fever hit us all hard. Sleep was a luxury in the months of June and July.


JULY :  An unexpected trip to Boracay and some much-needed pool time.


AUGUST : The Color Run came by Kuala Lumpur and we all ended up in our colourful best.


SEPTEMBER : I chanced upon Project Pangia and loved the idea of passing on bracelets made of recyclable materials to fellow travellers. All in the name of helping create sustainable income for talented Balinese artisans.


OCTOBER : This year’s Yoga Spirit Festival taught me more than I ever thought it would.


NOVEMBER : The wonderful AWE Asia was everything and more for me. A definite highlight!


DECEMBER : A journal is essential for my travels. I foresee many adventures being written into this one for 2015.


Despite all the places I didn’t get to see, 2014 was a pretty good year for me. I will always be grateful for the places that I did travel to, the delicious food I ate, the yoga workshops I attended, the new friends I have learnt to love, the time spent discovering my own city and the new dreams that have I dared to dream.

Thanks for the treasured memories, 2014. You were truly special.

This post was part of #MondayEscapes

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7 thoughts on “Instagram Series: 12 Months Of Travel Treasures

  1. First things first: you changed your theme? 😮 I like it! 😀

    Sounds like you had a great year, I am jealous about the Maldives! Here’s to a better 2015 filled with awesome travel moments.

    PS: Don’t forget you promised me a Myanmar post next year! 😉


    1. Thanks a lot, Vlad! I was getting bored and decided to change it a bit. Haha. Hope I don’t get bored of this soon though 😮

      And yes. Can’t wait for 2015. Here’s wishing you a great year of travel memories too. May our paths finally cross and I get to make you some chocolates 🙂

      One post on Myanmar coming up next year – just for you. I swear!!!


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