AWE Asia: In Three Words


This year’s theme for the Asian Women’s Empowerment Conference (AWE Asia) was “Think. Act. Achieve”. These 3 words pretty much sum up what the conference is all about – encouraging Asian women to be bold, compassionate individuals; brave enough to go after their dreams.

I thought it would be a fairly easy task to write about my experiences at the event. But, I have struggled to find the right words to describe my amazing time there. The more words I put down on paper, the more I kept changing them. It seemed as though my thoughts and emotions were everywhere and in between.

As a conference returnee, I sort of knew what was in store for me – inspiring and strong women (and men), adventurous tales, dreams fulfilled, inquisitive minds and joyous hearts. Not forgetting this being my first time visiting Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

I guess I didn’t expect this year’s conference to affect me the way it did. I felt “the feels” as some might say, that of inspiration and love.

As I enjoyed my fabulous pre-conference tour, I still hadn’t decided on my approach to writing this post. Where do I even start? Would I even do justice to said “feels” I was having or the wonderful people I had met?

As I tossed and turned in the wee hours of the morning (pretty sure it was all that yummy Sabahan food I was devouring), the idea came to me – three words that come to mind when we think of AWE!

Simple, yet perfect, for someone grappling for a way to put her thoughts into words.

Here are some wonderful people who were kind enough to entertain me when I stalked asked them for their very own three (or more) words.














There were far more participants this time around and I wish I could have asked every one of them this question. It would have been interesting to know their take on the conference. But sadly, I was distracted by the delicious vanilla cupcakes and lovely batik wear.


Honestly, I got caught up in one of the simplest things ever – conversations. I rather enjoyed talking to a lot of the attendees and sharing stories with them. Even if it was just about our love for Pet Shop Boys and Travis, massages, travel, Malaysian food, wedding preparations and good ol’ local music.

We came together this year to inspire and support each other. We may have not been able to connect with every single person and probably stuck to the cursory smiles and “hellos” with some, but we gained something essential from each other – spirit, love and belief.

Those are my three words, by the way. And I couldn’t be more inspired.

Note: To Juno and her AWEsome team who made this conference happen, I sincerely thank you. Your hard work and dedication was, in itself, beyond inspiring. To find out more about AWE, go to or head on over to the Facebook page.


4 thoughts on “AWE Asia: In Three Words

  1. Being a fan of Runaway Juno, I heard about this conference in passing, but it’s awesome to see the real impact it is having on people’s lives … glad you see you enjoyed your time there!


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