Making Magical Raw Chocolates

“I eat chocolate everyday!”, said Anna confidently. My mind went “Say what?” Looking at her strong and lean frame, I couldn’t fathom how this beautiful woman could indulge in something I try very hard to curb on a daily basis.

And then I hear the words “Guilt-Free Consumption” together with “Raw Chocolates”. Well, there was no turning back after that.

I. Love. Chocolates. Anybody who knows me knows I love chocolates. I’m pretty sure you love chocolates too. But, how about raw chocolates? “RAW?” gasped a friend of mine. “Is that even legal?”

Legalities aside, raw chocolates are being touted as the latest superfood – full of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and chocolatey goodness. Raw chocolates are different from your regular chocolates as the cocoa beans are not roasted (as regularly done) and are left out to dry naturally instead. Hence, the raw part of things.

So, when a chance popped up to join a Raw Chocolate Making Workshop, I jumped at it. Visions of me making chocolates à la Juliette Binoche in Chocolat quickly came to mind. Thankfully, I had enough time to read up on raw chocolates amidst all that daydreaming of chocolates, Johnny Depp and quaint little French towns.

The lovely Anna Suvorova was on hand to impart her wonderful knowledge on using raw cacao and natural ingredients to make your own chocolates. Known as the “Raw Chocolatier”, she guided us through the dos and donts of making your own chocolate delicacies – minus the guilt.

Here’s a little peek of my magical afternoon with her and some lovely ladies.

rawchocs_1_anna_suvorovaAnna and the only truth we need to know about cocoa

rawchocs_2_cacao_powderCocoa beans on the left and the magical raw cacao powder on the right

rawchocs_3_coolyouYes, I am cool and rawrealicious. It says so on the bottle!

rawchocs_4_cacao_beansMost of us have never seen actual cocoa beans. Well, here they are. All we need to do is to peel the skin and bite into the yummily bitter and crunchy beans

rawchocs_5_rawcacao_butterRaw cacao butter to make it all come together

rawchocs_6_spicesSea salt, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, cardamom. You can basically put in any spice you like (as long as they’re natural and organic)

rawchocs_7_instant_barleyI never knew this actually existed – instant barley. Said to be a good replacement for coffee

rawchocs_8_natural_sugarOpt for healthier sweeteners like agave, coconut crystals, coconut sugar, wild honey or even dates

rawchocs_10_table_setRight. The table is all set and we’re ready to go!

rawchocs_9_bendy_mouldI shamelessly went for the cutest bendy mould ever!

rawchocs_11_stepbystepI mixed cinnamon, sea salt, chopped macadamia nuts and coconut sugar together with my powder and butter. After putting my chocolates in the fridge, I did what anyone would do and licked my bowl. Shameless, remember?

rawchocs_12_handmadeSome ladies opted to make their chocolates by hand and rolled them into delicious little balls covered in edible flowers

rawchocs_13_toppingsOnce the chocolates were set, we moved them into our boxes and decorated them with whatever we fancied

rawchocs_14_my_chocolatesMy very own chocolates! Topped with edible flowers, grated macadamia nuts and love. I dubbed them “Cinnamon Love” 🙂

rawchocs_15_handmade_ballsIt took all I had not to steal some of these!

rawchocs_16_chocs_unoPart 1 : Rawrealicious chocolates with love

rawchocs_17_chocs_dosPart 2 : Rawrealicious chocolates with love

rawchocs_18_chocs_tresPart 3 : Rawrealicious chocolates with love

rawchocs_19_chocs_cuatroPart 4 : Rawrealicious chocolates with love. Gah! I want them all!!

rawchocs_20_chocs_alldoneAnd so our workshop comes to an end and we look on in pride at what we made with all our hearts

Now, I can’t say for sure if it was just me or the chocolates working its magic, but I felt instantly energised, happy and loved. When I looked around the kitchen, it was obvious that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

I admit (with great pain) that I am no Juliette Binoche. But I am immensely proud of the fact that I created something amazing out of very simple ingredients (this coming from someone who can’t cook to save her own life). And I have Anna to thank for that. She has made re-think how we should consume chocolates and how we should place more importance on what we put in our own bodies.

Some people may dismiss raw cacao and chocolates for being the latest fad in the superfood kingdom, but I for one have fallen in love with it. Most importantly, I truly believe in it. And it has opened my eyes to the wonders and powers of natural and organic food.

I can’t wait to continue on my journey of discovering more raw chocolate recipes. And who knows? Maybe someday, I’ll end up making soulful chocolates in a quaint little French town.

NOTE : You may be wondering what the difference is between cocoa and cacao. Well, wonder no more! –


6 thoughts on “Making Magical Raw Chocolates

    1. Jeremy, I am hooked too! I think they key is to include ingredients that you love such as berries, nuts, spices or even home-made jam. The possibilities are endless.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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