The Colour Runneth Over In Kuala Lumpur

Let’s get this straight – I am NOT a runner. I have done a 10k and 5k before, but that was just to test my strength training back in the day when I could actually see muscles in my legs. Sadly, it is not the case anymore. So, what was I thinking when I decided to sign up for the first ever Color Run in Malaysia?

Well, it was hard not to when I watched this amazing video.


Seriously. How can I NOT join this amazing event?!

I decided to rope in my sisters and girlfriends thinking “the more, the merrier”. I don’t think any of us had been more excited about a 5km run before in our lives. Except for maybe one of my sisters who runs half-marathons on a regular basis. Eeeks!

So, just what is The Color Run all about anyway? Does one have to really run or can we just take our time and enjoy the music and coloured powders thrown our way? Are those powders harmful? Will the colours stick to our skin and hair for days? These were questions posed by some of my friends when I mentioned that I signed up for this.

From some stellar investigation on my part (ok, I just Googled it), The Color Run is a fun run which can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone. Founded in the US by event producer Travis Snyder, the first run took place in Phoenix, Arizona in 2012 and included 6,000 participants. The whole point of the run is to promote healthiness, happiness and individuality.

The coloured powder used is in no way harmful (made of food-grade cornstarch and 100% natural) and instructions are given out beforehand on how to wash the colours out from your clothes and yourself. It is so safe that parents can even bring their little kids along. If you’re worried about it getting into your eyes, just wear a pair of goggles or sunglasses. Dress it up any which way and you’ll have a blast!

What I loved about this run is that there is no specific timing and you can even choose to just walk the whole 5km. You can stop every now and then, take photos, throw more coloured powder at friends and strangers and just dance about with all the music blaring out at certain coloured “stations”. I’m pretty sure we hounded some volunteers for more colours to be thrown our way too. Sorry, volunteers :p

Here are some photos I took on the day. I do apologize for the not-so-great quality of shots, as my camera got the saran wrap treatment.

thecolorrun_my1_runnersThis couple were all kitted out and ready to go at 7am

thecolorrun_my2_runnersI sure was glad to be at the starting line-up and not stuck in that crowd behind me. Eeeks!

thecolorrun_my3_startinglineAnd off we go. Weeeeeee!!

thecolorrun_my4_runnersinorangeTutus were the popular fashion choice of the day

thecolorrun_my5_yellowrunnersHello, Yellow Station!

thecolorrun_my6_cheerleadersSome cheerleaders cheering us on. And indulging in a selfie. Please ignore the chaos behind them!

thecolorrun_my7_bluerunnersHello, Blue Station! I’m blue, da ba dee da ba daa

thecolorrun_my8_pinkrunnersTime for a little photo op after coming out of the Pink Station

thecolorrun_my9_pinkvolunteersThe volunteers making sure everyone is looking good in pink

thecolorrun_my10_purplevolunteers“You’re too clean!” said a volunteer just before he threw some purple at me

thecolorrun_my11_padangmerbokAll done and having a dance fest at Padang Merbok. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rave this early in the day

thecolorrun_my12_happyrunnersA bunch of happy Color Runners. Thank you, lovely man who helped take a photo despite not being able to see a thing!

I am so glad that The Color Run in Malaysia was such a big hit. Apparently, there were 12,000 participants at this sold out event! We Malaysians sure love some fun and colours, huh? I, for one, have never been more excited to wake up at 4:30am. That is quite an achievement for me and it’s all thanks to this great event and the lovely people I went with.

On a more serious note, it has been a tough year for my country. So, it was nice to see everyone coming together for a fun event that made us all smile, have a lovely day out and made us that much closer to our friends and fellow Malaysians (and not forgetting the non-Malaysians). We had a chance to make some happy memories with our loved ones. Now, isn’t that what life is all about?


2 thoughts on “The Colour Runneth Over In Kuala Lumpur

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, I would love to sign up next year and it was good to find out more from someone who went. Now…let’s hope I can convince my friends, I have already sent them your post 😀


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