Fly Me Away To The Mentawai Islands

To be honest, I had no clue where the Mentawai Islands were until I watched this epic video by Paul Borrud. Sun, surf, sand and a nifty drone named Phyllis came together in the most beautiful way in this video that has gotten me all googly eyed over the island.

Not exactly the best thing to do when the boss is walking about in the office.

 flymeaway_mentawaiSeriously, who wouldn’t want to be in this paradise?

Anyway, videos like this tend to highlight a glaring inability of mine. To put it bluntly – I am terrible at swimming! But my goal this year is to change that around. I long to jump into the sea and not feel like I am about to free fall into the abyss. And I have another goal of wanting to surf. Of course, this can only be accomplished with aforementioned skill.

I love going to the beach and spending time on islands. Anybody who knows me can vouch for my excitement when heading for a beach getaway. There is just no other feeling in the world that can come close to the smell of the sea. So, it only makes sense that I need to haul my arse over to the pool and get schooled by an angry college kid. If it means I can swim about freely, then I am all for it.

Who knows? Maybe someday, you can see me swimming about the Mentawai Islands without a care in the world. Just pass me a cocktail if you’re riding by in a slow boat. Many thanks in advance 🙂

The Best Mentawai Islands Surf Video from my drone, Phyllis. June 2014, by Paul Borrud from The Bird on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Fly Me Away To The Mentawai Islands

  1. Beautiful place! I love going to the sea too, I could spend hours in the water, though I’m not a strong swimmer. I took classes once, I remember some basics, but after a minute of swimming you’ll see me gasping for breath. I often think I should practice more and maybe take some lessons again. 😕


    1. Yeah, it is always the breathing part of it that would mess things up. Maybe some refresher course would help you. As for me, I need to contact an angry college kid soon. My friend couldn’t swim before and now she is doing a gazillion laps in the pool. And it’s all down to him.


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