My Liebster Award Surprise!

Imagine my surprise when my Twitter notifications came on and I was tagged by Vlad (from the wonderful travel blog for a Liebster Award. “I got an award? Oh. My. God!” was my immediate reaction. To be honest, I did not know what award it really was at that point. I was just glad I got awarded something.

liebsteraward_sky_darkI see a bird. I see a plane. I see a….well, you get the picture!

After some time with my friend Google, I realized that it was an award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers. It can get pretty lonely sometimes in this big old blogosphere. So, it is always nice when a sweet gesture like this comes your way and challenges you at the same time. Not only do I have to answer Vlad’s questions in this post, I will also have to set 10 new questions to ask other bloggers (whom I will choose for this award).

So, here goes.

1. How did you decide to start your blog?

I have been wanting to write about my trips for the longest time, but I always kept putting it off due to laziness and lack of focus. I even had my domain purchased for almost a year without doing anything. One fine day in August of last year, I got fed up of waiting for the right time to start writing. So, I wrote my first blog post. It wasn’t anything great, but it was a start.

2. Think fast: your top three favourite destinations.

Cape Town, South Africa

Bali, Indonesia

London, England

3. What country have you always dreamed of visiting and why?

I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland. It is, after all, the land of Bjork and Sigur Ros. Such ethereal, heart-wrenching and edgy music can only come from a country with stunning landscapes, abundant nature and fairy folk (or so I’ve been told). I can’t wait to see Reykjavik and the rest of Iceland for myself someday.

4. If you’ve visited it, what was it like? If you haven’t, are you planning on going anytime soon?

I don’t know if I’ll be able to go anytime soon. As any trip to Europe would take a considerable amount of planning and budgeting. But I am positive I will see Iceland at some point in my life. Hopefully, I’ll get to slot in a concert or two when am there.

5. How would you describe your travel style?

I am usually very detailed prior to my trip – planning my itinerary, booking the accommodation, researching the country I’m about to visit. But, once I’m there, I tend to be more relaxed and laid-back. I tend to favour hostels and guesthouses or even home-stays over hotels. Not only is it cheaper, but it is a great way to meet fellow travellers and mingle with the locals.

6. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while travelling?

I would say my time purchasing tickets at the Atocha train station in Madrid. My friend and I were thoroughly entertained by a charming old man behind the counter. He couldn’t speak much English and our Spanish was not any better. Somehow, the 20 minute exchange was made entertaining thanks to his animated ways, charming smile, patience and an unexpected visitor; whom the old man thought was my friend. He just turned out to be a curious bystander. I bet he was wishing why we were having so much fun purchasing train tickets!

7. Do you have any regrets when it comes to previous trips?

My only regret is never having enough time to see everything. But, hey, that only means I would need to go back again, right?

8. What are the best and the worst things that have happened to you while flying?

I guess the best thing would be the time I flew to Bali with my closest friends and we ended up with a makeshift alcoholic beverage. I don’t think the passengers with kids were all that pleased with us. To be fair, we were not rowdy. Just giggly. The worst thing was probably the time I had a freaking migraine all the way from Abu Dhabi to Kuala Lumpur. Thankfully, there was a sweet Mexican girl who was cheery and friendly next to me. For moments on the flight, she made me forget my woes. Oh wait, that can be a good thing too!

9. How do you prepare for a trip?

I research a lot on the weather, accommodation, hotels and flights. I try to find the best deals possible and try to read up whatever I can from Tripadvisor and Lonely Planet’s excellent Thorn Tree forum on the country I’m about to visit. After that, it’s all about the setting of the itinerary and the bookings begin. For packing purposes, I make sure I do up a list of things to bring too. And I make sure I have a separate set of toiletries and clothes for travelling – this makes it so much easier when I get back home and crash straight into bed; un-packing can be done the next day 😉

10. What’s the one thing you didn’t foresee when you first started your blog?

I didn’t think I would meet such amazing people online! I always thought my blog would probably only be read by family members and poor friends whom I send the link to. But to have it read by some amazing bloggers really warms my heart. And the best part of all this are the friends that I have met along the way. I can’t wait to meet them in person someday.

Phew. All done! Now, it is time for me to come up with 10 questions for the wonderful people below to answer.

Here are my 10 questions, fellow bloggers.

  1. If you could travel to an exotic location with one of your favourite people, who would it be and why?
  2. What are your tips for first-time travellers?
  3. Which country would you choose to live in (besides your own country) and why?
  4. Beach, city, village or mountains – which do you prefer to visit?
  5. What is the one thing you wish tourists wouldn’t do when visiting a foreign country?
  6. Name me 3 places you would go to if money was not an option.
  7. How do you stay healthy on a long trip?
  8. Have you taken classes when you’ve visited a place and how was the experience?
  9. If you could pick one place to retire, where would it be?
  10. Which celebrity would you choose to travel with and why?

I wish I had more people to pass this on to, but everyone out there has probably been invited to do this a million times over. So, I’ll stick with a few and just hope for the best. No obligations here, people. It is all in good fun.

And the Liebster Award goes to….

Debbzie Leksono of

Pamelo Loh of

Lenochka of

Emily Luxton of

Haley and Srini of

Reuben Teo of

Once again, thank you Vlad for this wonderful opportunity. It sure was a lot of fun to write, even though it has taken some time for me to put this up. My apologies for that.

Safe travels, everyone 😉


4 thoughts on “My Liebster Award Surprise!

  1. You’re welcome, you have one of my favorite travel blogs and I hope more people will like your posts as much as I do! 🙂 It’s funny, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but Iceland has always been at the top of my travel wish list and I feel like I’m getting closer to a trip there, since I researched and found out about the costs. Maybe we can go together one day 🙂


    1. Vlad, thanks so much for being such a great supporter of my blog. Remind me to buy you a round of drinks when we’re hanging out at some cool bar in Iceland someday 😉


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