Photo Series: Remembering South Africa and The World Cup

As we head into the knock-out rounds of the 2014 World Cup, I can’t help but think about my time in South Africa 4 years ago. Ask any football fan out there and they will tell you how they would give their right arm to be able to experience this event.  Thankfully, no partings of body parts were needed for my chance to go to the World Cup. Phew.

I spent close to two weeks in South Africa for the opening group stages. And as I was supporting England (I still am, miraculously!), I went for all their group matches in Rustenburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The football gods clearly looked down favourably on me when I managed to get tickets (thanks to a kind soul) to the opening ceremony and the match between South Africa and Mexico in Johannesburg as well.

Here is but a glimpse into one of the most amazing times of my life.

Opening Ceremony and Match : South Africa vs. Mexico (Johannesburg)

SouthAfrica_joburg1A South African fan already has his meals planned out

SouthAfrica_joburg2Mexican fans all ready in outfits galore

SouthAfrica_joburg3You can’t help but love the Mexican fans. Now, that traditional outfit is dedication to your team

SouthAfrica_joburg4Soccer City Stadium basking in the sun

SouthAfrica_joburg6The opening ceremony is underway!

SouthAfrica_joburg7And so the match begins. Too excited for words

First Group Match : England vs. USA (Rustenburg)

SouthAfrica_rustenburg1Fans gathering outside the the Royal Bakofeng Stadium

SouthAfrica_rustenburg3American fans getting into the spirit of things. Love the enthusiasm!

SouthAfrica_rustenburg4One of the highlights for me was taking a picture with these two. Like all fans there, they were very accommodating

SouthAfrica_rustenburg5Oh, and I found the Teletubbies dancing about at half-time. Rather tipsy but a lot of fun!

SouthAfrica_rustenburg6England fans out in force. Too bad the team decided to not play well. Boo 😦

Second Group Match : England vs. Algeria (Cape Town)

SouthAfrica_capetown2Fans enjoying the view from Table Mountain

capetown3aFootball fever is well and alive in Cape Town

SouthAfrica_capetown4Fans are waiting for the train to the city before the match

SouthAfrica_capetown5I love how this match has turned into a family affair. Too cute!

SouthAfrica_capetown6English fans have taken over a pub. Fantastic support from them all around

SouthAfrica_capetown8Ooh, lookee who is here? Even the two Princes are here to support the team

SouthAfrica_capetown7The match is underway in Cape Town Stadium. What great atmosphere! Shame about the performance on the pitch though (yes, I’m still sore about it)

Final Group Match : Slovenia vs. England (Port Elizabeth)

SouthAfrica_portelizabeth1Flags of the World Cup nations flying loud and proud at Nelson Mandela Bay

SouthAfrica_portelizabeth4Fans taking in the sunny weather before the match

SouthAfrica_portelizabeth5Such lovely weather before the last important group match at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

SouthAfrica_portelizabeth6I finally spotted a *WAG!

South Africa will always remain close to my heart. I’ve long harboured a dream to visit this stunning country and I’ll be forever grateful to her for all the wonderful memories. More so for giving me one of the best experiences of my life – The World Cup.

*WAG : Wives and Girlfriends. A term generally used by the English for partners of footballers


2 thoughts on “Photo Series: Remembering South Africa and The World Cup

  1. I may be the only person who doesn’t care for the World Cup, but I love seeing other people’s enthusiasm. That view from Table Mountain is so cool! Oh look, you have a whole post about it! *reads* 😀


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