My First Collaborative Travel Post

The perfect hideaway spot? Now, when Aggy (a.k.a. DEW Traveller) asked me to write a short piece on this subject for a collaborative post she was planning, so many places ran through my mind at once. I simply couldn’t decide on one and that is only because they are all favourites – Bali, Sintra in Portugal, Camps Bay in Cape Town, Essaouira in Morocco and even the Alhambra in Granada. Choices, choices, choices.

I eventually went with Bali and was done with my writing when I chanced upon some pictures I had on my phone of my recent hike up Bukit Gasing Forest Park. It reminded me of how much it was the perfect hideaway spot for me. Wait a minute! Why am I not writing about this instead? I also thought it was time I highlighted something local and dear to my heart. I spend so much of my time writing about amazing places in foreign lands, it is easy to forget that there are similar places in my own country. So, out with Bali and in with my favourite forest park!

dew_traveller_snapHead on over to this fantastic blog!

To read more of my piece and also some great ones from other bloggers, just head on to Aggy’s page here –

On a side note, Aggy added me to her list of favourite travel bloggers. I think I’ve thanked her a million times on various social media platforms for her lovely gesture. So, what’s one more “thank you” to her, right? Not only is she a fantastic and hardworking blogger, she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I am so thankful to have met her at the AWEAsia conference here in Kuala Lumpur late last year. I can’t wait to take her out to a fantastic food fest the next time she stops by my city. Many thanks, Aggy.


4 thoughts on “My First Collaborative Travel Post

  1. Thank YOU Kavitha for contributing to the post!
    I am also very grateful to have met you in AWE, it’s always nice to meet people with the same passion and love for travel. Hope to see you again in the future and thank you for the kind kind words 🙂


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