Instagram Series: Hanging Out In Maldives

I was on the lookout for an island getaway for the longest time when the opportunity to go to Maldives presented itself. Flight ticket booked, swimsuits purchased, sunblock on standby; I made my way to this magical island in my grand quest to turn into an island girl. Or maybe I just wanted to escape my office.

I reached Hulhumalé at night and honestly, it was nothing to shout about. But what struck me was how amazing the sea breeze was. Coming from a haze-filled city to this was absolute heaven for me. Obviously, I was too tired then to take in this charming little town and only realized how nice it actually was the morning after.

So, what do I do the first thing I get all my senses sorted out in the morning? I head out to the beach. And I did that for the rest of the days I spent in this amazingly beautiful place.

image1_maldives_hulhumalebeachThe beach at Hulhumalé turned out to be oh-so-beautiful. So beautiful to the point that I forgot to put on my sunblock and was halfway to burnt-ville.

image2_maldives_feetonbeachI hijacked the lone deck chair on the beach for this mandatory “feet gazing out to the sea while on deck chair” pose. It is not an island getaway without one, in my opinion.

image3_maldives_mindykalingbookI felt I needed some company. So, along comes Mindy Kaling in the form of her hilarious book. She makes for a good companion. I do wish we were friends. Like, for real.

image4_maldives_hulhumaleI finally ventured out to Hulhumalé. I loved how new everything looked here – the apartments, the bus stop, the restaurants, the road. And I also loved how easy it was to just walk around and hop on the bus to the ferry. The locals are friendly and are helpful if you need some directions too.

image5_maldives_maleIt takes about 20 minutes to head out to Malé , which turned out to be an interesting place to hang about. The fish market was filled to the brim with fresh…erm, fish. I also went on a truck ride around town which was a lot of fun despite me hanging on for dear life. This is actually a handy way to get around if you’re in a big group.

image6_maldives_clubmedkaniI was lucky enough to get to Club Med Kani and was greeted with this amazing view from my room. My time there was made all the more memorable thanks to the amazing staff and fun activities. I never thought I would be someone who would enjoy a Club Med experience, but it turned out to be a whole lot of fun.

image7_maldives_clubmedkaniThe same “feet gazing out to the sea while on deck chair” pose here on Kani. Seriously, can you blame me?

image8_maldives_clubmedkaniOh dear. It’s the same pose. I sincerely apologize. Actually, on second thought, I take that back. No apologies should be made when it comes to shots of stunningly beautiful islands – with or without feet in them!

image9_maldives_babysharksI made friends with a few baby sharks when I went to wash my reef shoes near my beach. They were so close I could even manage to get my camera and phone from the deck chair nearby to snap some shots. I bet you didn’t notice how I put in “my beach” there.

image10_maldives_sunsetkaniThis was the final sunset on Kani. It was made a whole lot more wonderful with the presence of people I loved. And a nice cool glass of mojito.

I have no idea how I am ever going to enjoy another island getaway. Everything after this would have to live up to the impossibly high standards set by the beautiful beaches of Maldives. Maybe I have ruined all beaches and resorts for myself from this day forth. Or maybe, just maybe, there’s another piece of paradise waiting to be discovered.


8 thoughts on “Instagram Series: Hanging Out In Maldives

  1. Obviously you are trying to make me super jealous 😛
    No apologies needed for your repeated poses! Just look at that view! Kavitha, seriously I am packing my bag and going to Maldives! Thank you for the super envy post and your gorgeous pictures! 😉


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