Photo Series: Essaouira, The Seaside Gem

Truth be told, Essaouira was a place that I didn’t know much about until I found myself there one sunny day. Other than it being a seaside city full of fishing boats and great seafood, and having the honour of having hosted Jimi Hendrix once, I really didn’t know what else to expect. After a 3-hour bus ride, I ended up at a place that was so charming and relaxed, it felt like the perfect reprieve from intense, bustling Marrakech.

Walking towards our guesthouse we were taken in by how people walked about and cycled everywhere. All with less urgency than most. Yes, there were tourists everywhere but even they seemed to have adopted a more laid-back approach – sitting at cafes with a book in hand, heading over to a spa, sipping mint tea under the shade or just enjoying some delicious crêpes.

essaouira_boys_relaxingEven kids were hanging around and taking their time enjoying the view. Can’t say I blame them!

essaouira_les_matins_bleuLes Matins Bleu turned out to be such a lovely guesthouse. My only regret is not staying longer

essaouira_biz_bizAn artisan hard at work at the Ensemble Artisanal. He was so welcoming and allowed us to see how he made his jewellery. I came away with a pair of precious hand-made earrings. Love!

essaouira_pharmacyBicycles are everywhere! Easily the most sensible mode of transportation around town

essaouira_fishing_boatsThe fishing boats at the dock are just brilliant to look at. Why can’t all boats be this shade of blue?

essaouira_fishermenFishermen fixing their nets and getting some laundry drying duty in at the same time. Brilliant!

essaouira_cat_playingCats are everywhere in Essaouira. Some are cute, some want to jump out windows and some want your fish. Generally harmless and oh-so-cute

essaouira_citadelThe famous Essaouira Citadel, a Genoese-built structure by the harbour

essaouira_seagullThis particular seagull was fine with striking a pose for me. Or maybe it was expecting some fish

essaouira_two_seagullsThankfully for me, these fellas were a little bit more disinterested

essaouira_guy_sunsetPeople just loved the sunset by the harbour. Enough to even climb up onto the wall and record the moment in all its glory

essaouira_sunset_birdSeagull and a sunset. I am not ashamed to say I took one too many shots of this scenario

essaouira_sunset_fort_birdsThe Citadel, seagulls and a brilliant sunset just seem to work perfectly together

essaouira_people_sunsetLocals and tourists alike hang out to catch the beautiful view of the sea as the sun sets on another beautiful day

My time in this wonderful seaside city was much too short. I wish I had more time to walk about the harbour or even get lost in the twisted alleyways, hang out with some cats, indulge in some spa activities, try every single flavour of crêpe toppings or simply sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunsets by the citadel.

It is obvious that Essaouira has turned out to be one of my favourite places in Morocco. I loved the constant smell of the sea in the air as I woke up every morning, the sight of seagulls flying about through my bedroom window, the warm hospitality of the locals and the awesomely fresh seafood! Honestly, what more could a girl want?


8 thoughts on “Photo Series: Essaouira, The Seaside Gem

    1. Thank you, Shelley 🙂 And yes, you should. It is a wonderful place. But I know that it’s impossible to see everything and I had to miss out on a few places in Morocco. I guess we have no choice but to return then 😉


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