The World At Table Mountain

The year 2010 was epic for football, South Africa and me. I travelled to one of the most amazing countries in the world to witness the biggest sporting event of the year – The World Cup.

Being a fan of the English team (yes, yes, they were rather sad), I made my way to Cape Town for England’s second group match against Algeria. Since I had a few days to explore the city, I decided to conquer the majestic Table Mountain on a lovely chilly morning. With the help of the Cableway, of course.

The queue to the ticket counter was long. But the wait was made more bearable thanks to hundreds of football fans cheering and making their way up the mountain. Some were in their cars honking away while waving flags; and some were jumping in front of said cars to break out into impromptu sing-a-longs. Gotta love the Algerian fans!

1All together now – for England!

The mood was similar at the top. There were loads of fans with banners, flags and jerseys; all soaking up the fun atmosphere and beautiful scenery. For all its splendour, Table Mountain became a sea of red, blue, yellow, white and green (I may have overlooked a colour or two, so do forgive me) thanks to these amazing fans.

2That nice view would have distracted me on the way down

There were also some people taking the opportunity to abseil down the mountain. Maybe someone should have sent the England team down the same way. Maybe this would have helped put some spirit back into their performances on the pitch. Or maybe not. Anyway, I digress. Those brave people making their way down the mountain were a fantastic sight. And I was glad I managed to catch them in action.

3“Dude, make sure you get my best side!”

As I walked around a bit more, there were some interesting poses from fans – with banners aloft, scarves in the air, yoga back-bends. Everybody went all out to show their allegiance to their respective teams. It was especially lovely to see fans come together irrespective of which country they were from. Some took pictures together and even made friends with fellow countrymen. Imagine coming all the way to the top of Table Mountain to discover someone from your own country taking in the sight. It would warm anyone’s heart. All made easier thanks to football jerseys, naturally.

All in all, my time at Table Mountain turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip to South Africa. In some way, it felt like the whole world was there representing their countries and taking in the magnificent views. And it was made all the more memorable with that little bit of football magic in the air.

Sidenote: I may seem upset with the England team, but I am and always will be a fan. Come On, England! 


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