Hopes, Dreams and 2014

The new year is finally here and I already feel that I am behind in my yearly travel wish list. I am not one for resolutions, so I shouldn’t really be panicking, right? After all, it is only week one and counting. Wait a minute!! Week one and counting? I better get a move on this pronto.

Every year I try my best to visit new places and seek new, exciting adventures. I have always come away learning so much from these experiences that I look forward to more. Since I have never made a list prior to this, I thought it was time to do so this year. I may or may not get to get through them all, but hey, at least it could be added on to next year’s list.

Volunteer Travel

volunteer_travelCopyright image of Volunteer Weekly : Looks like a great idea!

My wonderful time doing a site visit with the NGO Room To Read in the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia made me realize how much there is that we can all do when we travel. The amazing children my sister and I spent time with really moved us and made us appreciate the little things we take for granted on a daily basis. These kids didn’t have much, but they were determined to work hard for themselves and their families through education. If anything, I wish I could have spent more time with them helping them out with their English, playing silly games with them and probably getting them to teach me how to cook (they were so good!). I may not have the best teaching skills in the world, but I am willing to try my hardest. And who knows? They may be better teachers to me.

Europe, Europe and More Europe!

Santorini_GreeceCopyright image of Clipart-fr.com : Aaahh, Santorini is a sight to behold

Amsterdam, Portugal, London and Spain. These are the only European cities and countries I’ve been to. An absurdly short list, don’t you think? There is SO much more to Europe that I would love to explore – Bruges, Bucharest, Florence, South of France, Croatia, Prague, Santorini. The list goes on and on. The more I read, the more I discover that there is a whole lot more to Europe than the regular go-to cities for tourists like London, Barcelona and Paris. That is not to say that those cities are not worth visiting. It is just that there is more to England, Spain and France than said cities. Shall I dare dream of a longer foray into Europe? I think I shall.

Go See Australia

visiting_australia_uluruCopyright image of Peterpans Adventure Travel Australia : What a beautiful sight you are, Uluru!

Malaysia is so close to Australia that it is crazy to think that I have yet to make a visit. I have loads of relatives who are always asking when I am coming over, and yet I never find the time to go explore this beautiful country. A friend has kindly invited me over to Melbourne, so I guess that would be a good place to start. I have always wanted to check out the stunning Blue Mountains, walk over the famous Harbour Bridge, make friends with a few koalas and kangaroos and check out the amazing views at Uluru. Honestly, I can’t wait! Time to bug a few cousins soon.

Visit Malaysia Year 2014

Semporna_MalaysiaCopyright image of TravelX : The beautiful Semporna in Sabah

There is so much to my own country that I have yet to discover. With 2014 being the official Visit Malaysia Year, this is a great opportunity for me to check out Malaysia and all she has to offer – Sabah and its beautiful islands, the delicious food of the East Coast, the yearly Penang Jazz Festival and various cultural festivals beckon. Heck! There are even places in and around Kuala Lumpur that I have yet to check out. I really do need to get over my fear of getting lost in the city and accept the crazy traffic for what it is. Malaysia deserves more attention from me this year and I have a feeling I am going to enjoy my time discovering this beautiful country of mine.

Do More Yoga Retreats

yoga_retreatCopyright image of Cooler : Someday, this will be me doing a headstand at a yoga retreat

Yoga has and always will be a challenge for me. I am not the strong, flexible person that I was 6 or 7 years ago. As much as it’s a struggle for me, yoga continues to teach me more about myself every single day. I realize that as bad as I am at it, I am improving slowly but surely and also learning to accept my limitations. The past year or so, I have joined a few workshops and even the first Yoga Spirit Festival at Selesa Hills last year (which was so much fun!). So, naturally I am looking forward to more yoga retreats not just in Malaysia but in other countries as well. It’s a great way to experience yoga on a different level and meet some amazing people along the way. An added bonus would be checking out the local villages or towns. What more could I want really?

I really am looking forward to my little wish list here. It seems like quite a tall order, but I’m sure I will be able to enjoy my quest to get there. Whether or not I complete all of this is not so much a concern for me. What really matters is how much I enjoy whatever adventure that comes my way, wherever it may be.

Here’s to a wonderful adventure-filled year to all wanderlusters out there. Cheers!


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