Ealing: My First Airbnb Experience

“RAWWRRR!” I jumped out of my skin expecting to see a big “Hound of The Baskervilles” ready to pounce on me. It turned out to be my friend who knew I am rather afraid of dogs. I was not amused.

We had only just walked into our first Airbnb home with instructions in hand on how to let ourselves in. The house was rather dark (as the lights were not switched on) and we were aware from previous messages from our hostess Linda that there was a pet dog in the picture!

Thankfully, said dog wasn’t around and we proceeded to go upstairs to find our room. Easy enough as Linda was kind enough to leave a note outside the room door. We headed in with our luggages in hand and instantly fell in love with our room. It was warm and cosy and there even a sweet little teddy bear with biscuits in hand on our bed. Too cute.

2013-12-22 23aAlmost kidnapped this cute lil’ fella!

We met Linda the next morning and she immediately took us downstairs to show us around. She was so pleasant and went about chatting and asking us questions as she introduced us to her lovely pets – Tammy (her playful dog), Ellie and Nut Nut (two cute cats), some rabbits outside and chickens at the end of the garden.

The very sight of all these pets, the bright kitchen and the lovely garden made me fall in love (again!) with Linda’s home. The kitchen was full of light and the perfect place to have breakfast. We were allowed to keep our food supplies in the fridge and counter and help ourselves to a whole load of tea and coffee too. With a beautiful apple tree in the garden, I was actually ready to move in permanently. What more could I want in a home?

2013-12-22 23bNut Nut doing her morning rounds in the garden

We had fun conversations with Linda in the mornings before she left for work with Tammy and sometimes in the evenings too. She would always make it a point to ask us where we went to and what our plans were. Unfortunately, she would always catch us with shopping bags in hand. “Shopping AGAIN, girls?!” She would jokingly ask us. Busted!

I had my reservations about Airbnb before, but thanks to Linda and her amazing hospitality, all my fears were put to rest in an instant. From time to time, I do miss her and her lovely home and pets especially Tammy, who was so playful and loving that it was hard not to fall in love with her.

I have a strong feeling that I shall return someday to London (sooner rather than later) and make a beeline for Linda’s humble abode in Ealing. With an Airbnb booking beforehand, of course.

Check out Linda’s Airbnb home at https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/60395


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