Breaking The Writer’s Block Hoodoo

I should have known I had problems with my writing when I put my notebook aside and watched “E! News”. Two minutes in, a story of Kimye had me reaching for the remote faster than you could say “North West”. What was wrong with me?

I have been taking down all these grand ideas of stories and images in my notebook for the last few months. So, it was a surprise to me that I would have nothing to write about so soon into my, albeit short, blogging life. It seemed that none of those ideas were worth expanding on. And they just seemed so blah! Staring at my notebook, I realized my brain has stopped functioning. I had officially hit the wall.

As I drove myself to the nearest Starbucks, I thought to myself, “There has got to be a way out of this.” Maybe copious amounts of toffee nut latte would help trigger the old brain cells. Suddenly, three things came to mind – Twitter, chocolate and Instagram.

Maybe some inspiring and interesting news piece or quote on my Twitter feed would spark my creativity. Ten minutes of perusing my feed and all I got was a rising sense of fear. Interesting and witty travel pieces are already out there! What could I possibly add to the already impressive world of travel blogging?

Cue the chocolate. I stabbed half-heartedly at my piece of dark chocolate heaven (a.k.a cake) in utter sadness. This really wasn’t going the way I had hoped it would. Well, since the cake was right there, I think owed it to the cake to finish it immediately. Seriously, there really is nothing chocolate cannot cure. Or so I thought.

I turned to my Instagram feed next for inspiration. Maybe some lovely travel shots from around the world will get the ol’ mouse wheels in the head moving. “Visuals will definitely help,” I told myself. Sadly, all it did was make me want to book a one-way ticket to Reykjavik.

2013-11-28 19.53.59Someday, they will head out to Reykjavik

I took the last swig of my latte and said “Sod it!” I put everything aside and just started writing. I wasn’t too sure where I was headed to at first, but I figured it was a start. After about 20 minutes or so, I stopped writing and looked back at what I wrote. It wasn’t too shabby and it was starting to form into this very post. It may not be much, but at least I managed to get past my block and come up with something (and a few ideas to boot!)

I guess inspiration to write can come in many ways (I swear by cake), but the most important thing is to have faith in myself. And know that the words will somehow flow when there are things worth writing about. Forget about the rest of the amazing writers out there and just focus on what I can offer in my own little way.

Here’s to writing and beyond…


4 thoughts on “Breaking The Writer’s Block Hoodoo

  1. I agree, the only thing that drives into writing block is, indeed, writing itself. And also I feel lately that my writing inspiration is like a cup. Which could be more or less full or, if I rapidly use most of it and yet don’t succeed to fill it in time, it becomes empty.

    And therefore I constantly need to fill it – by watching, thinking, taking Instagram pictures, reading – or the most hard for me, by taking my time and letting go of fears that I will never write anything.


      1. Thanks! I enjoyed the article. In fact, I find new gems on that website every day, they are not only well-written (or better said well-excerped) but beautifully made-up. I love neat websites. Yours is neat, too!

        There is one thing that I keep in mind lately, I’d like to hear from you on that.
        Have you noticed that your posts you like the most bring lesser attention from readers? Like there are “pop-topics” which are gladly liked and shared – and there are things that really matter, and better written, and thoughtful, but they keep themselves in the shadow. Why is that?


      2. Thanks for the compliment on my site, Elena 😉

        I wish I could give you a definite answer to your question (which is good, by the way). I can only guess that it’s due to exposure and the type of audiences we are reaching. I am still new at all this, so I may not be reaching the amount of people I wish I could. Also, I know I have much to do to improve my articles and writing style. Maybe some day, we may be able to find an answer to this 😉


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