Valencia Tantalizes The Tastebuds

Let’s get this straight – Valencia is food heaven. Everything I tried was amazing! My list of yummy goodness would be far too long. So, I have decided to whittle it down to my top three favourites.

Paella Valenciana
What can I say about the Paella Valenciana that hasn’t already been said? Sublime, stunning, mouth-watering, delicious. The original paella is how it should be eaten; filled with rice, chicken and vegetables.

20131101-181056.jpgPaella goodness!

Paella Marisco (seafood) may be the version we are all more familiar with and have grown to love. But the original version throws quite the punch.

Obviously, nothing beats that moment when you first lay eyes on that round pan of paella goodness and obviously, when said sight is in your mouth.

For some awesome paella and great service, check out Restaurante Babalu over at Calle Cerrajeros.

Buñuelos de Calabaza (Pumpkin Donut)
There was an old bespectacled lady at Plaza de la Reina who was busy frying up some donuts. What made us stop were the pumpkins that were laying about. Donuts made of pumpkin? Say it isn’t so!!

After gobbling down one donut in less than a minute, we went back for more. The lovely lady had a smile on her face when I made the second order. It was, indeed, love at first bite. My only regret now is not eating a dozen more.

Agua de Valencia (Valencian Water)
This is no ordinary drink. What looks innocently like orange juice is actually filled with (of course) deliciously fresh orange juice, cava (Spanish sparkling wine), gin, vodka and topped off with a few orange slices.

20131101-181117.jpgMy new favourite drink

It was so good that we returned the next day for more agua magic. Naturally, I forgot to note the name of the bar we went to. I guess I was a wee bit too happy and rather light on the feet to take note of such information.

All in all, Valencia produced one of the best food experiences I have ever had. It is definitely a city that surprises you in more ways than one. Salud!


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