Getting Lost In Granada

My feet are tired and I am getting hungry. I keep looking at my map and it seems I am going in the right direction, but I end up in a parallel lane a few streets down. Aaarrgghhh!

20131031-173342.jpgThat mojito is starting to look pretty good right about now!

Granada does that to you. She forces you to throw that map away. And just trust your instinct. More importantly, she makes you lose yourself in all those mysterious lanes.

You forgive Granada instantly when you see the beauty around you. The lanes become your friends. A weird guide of sorts. Somehow or rather, you get to the place you plan to go to. Or maybe it takes you to the place you need to be. You will never know!

20131031-173451.jpgLady, can you help me here?

Surprisingly, the place I was looking for popped up in front of me. I don’t really know how that happened, but I was so grateful. And I decided to treat myself to a huge sandwich and a tinto de verano (summer red wine) Aaahhh! All is well again.

I guess, sometimes, things work out differently than what you expect. Plans are there to be made, but fate has a funny way of making you throw them out and take some time out to enjoy some lovely red wine.


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