To Magaliesburg and Back

“Hello! Oh, how wonderful. You got here fine without having to call me once!” said a beaming Hilde. She had given us directions to her farm that very morning and we somehow managed to hire a car, fill it up with petrol and make our way from Johannesburg to Magaliesburg without hurting anyone or anything in the process. I think it was sheer luck. Or maybe it was just Hilde.

One of Hilde’s dogs. He was curious about my camera 😉

She had the warmest smile ever and was so lovely to us as we headed in to our cottage on Veldflora Farm. The farm was so beautiful and filled with lovely trees and bushes of flowers. I was convinced that I was in my very own Enid Blyton-esque countryside. I almost didn’t want to get into our cottage!

The scenic view around Veldflora Farm

But we had a World Cup football match to get to. And we needed to leave soon. Hilde was kind enough to give us directions to Rustenburg (where the match was taking place) and offered to turn the heater on for us in the evening while we were away. “It’ll be all nice and warm when you get back later at night,” Hilde added. Bless!

The one thing I regret about staying at Veldflora Farm was not taking enough photographs of the lovely place. And especially one of Hilde and us. The short time we had and the fact that we had the match and the Cradle of Humankind to get to didn’t help either. But despite all that, Hilde and her lovely farm left an indellible impression on me. It seemed like the perfect home away from home.

Our cottage – home away from home

It has been a few years since my time in South Africa. But I have never stopped thinking about the amazing time I had in Magaliesburg. It was all down to the lovely Hilde and her warm hospitality. Maybe it’s time I stop wondering how she is doing. Maybe it’s time I get in touch with her again with a simple “Hello!”

Check out Veldflora Farm at


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